Welcome to Stanthorpe Christian Fellowship

Stanthorpe Christian Fellowship is a vibrant local church located in Queensland’s Granite Belt region. We are a fellowship of families and individuals who live, work and relate in our local community and gather together every Sunday for our communion service. We share a deep love for God’s word and for the expression of worship in music and song. We are dedicated to sharing Christ and His life. We value family life and this is reflected in our monthly program of fellowship gatherings.


Visitors are most welcome.


Our monthly program reflects the reality that Stanthorpe Christian Fellowship and Warwick Christian Fellowship are essentially one congregation across two venues, sharing resources and oversight. To this end, our combined communion services, held three times a month, are particularly significant highlights of our program.

Our regular monthly program features:

  • Family communion service and Sonseekers (Sunday School) on Sunday mornings, commencing at 9.30am.
    These services are combined with Warwick Christian Fellowship (WCF) as follows:

    • Second Sunday each month at SCF, Amosfield Rd, Stanthorpe,

    • Third Sunday, alternating between Warwick & Stanthorpe

    • Fourth Sunday at Warwick Christian Fellowship, Emmaus Ct,      Warwick.

       For specific details, check the program for the month. 


  • Friday morning prayer fellowship at 6.00am, alternating weekly between men’s prayer fellowship and family prayer.

  • Bible School on the third Saturday of the month from 3.00pm, alternating monthly between Stanthorpe and Warwick.

  • Young Adults meeting on the first and third Saturday evenings. 

  • Senior’s Fellowship meeting at 10.00am on the third Wednesday of the month.

  • Christian Women’s Fellowship (CWF) where ladies meet together to encourage each other in the word at designated times throughout the year.

About Us

Stanthorpe Christian Fellowship is part of Restoration Fellowships International, a nation-wide fellowship of 25 churches with international connections in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Pakistan. All local, citywide churches maintain active connection by supporting one another and sharing ministry as part of a global movement seeking the restoration of the vitality of the early- day church.​


Easter Convention 2020

We are looking forward to gathering in Brisbane over the Easter weekend with congregations from throughout Queensland for a time of fellowship in the word. This is an annual event where the word of God is rich amongst us. Please note there will be no Easter meeting in either of our Stanthorpe or Warwick churches over the Easter period. Watch this space for more details regarding the program.


Venue: Brisbane Christian Fellowship 40 Burton Lane, Samford Qld 4520


Completion of the Stanthorpe Building Program

We are looking forward to the completion of the Southern Extension at the Stanthorpe Christian Fellowship church complex in Amosfield Road, Stanthorpe. The remainder of this year will see a concerted effort by our church volunteers in conjunction with the principal contractor to push the project close to completion in the new year. The extension provides an extended auditorium, extended and upgraded stage, and a number of spaces for teaching, musical rehearsal and storage. The project will also provide air conditioning to the auditorium.


207 Amosfield Rd, Stanthorpe  QLD  4380  

Ph: 0746 813433 A/H 0419 826 879

Email: office@stanthorpechristianfellowship.com.au

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We warmly invite you to join us for our Communion service on Sundays (check program for details)